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The "Kodak Guide to Aerial Photography" is a comprehensive reference manual that will appeal to those wishing to explore opportunities in aerial photography and photographers seeking better results when they take pictures from the cockpit. A complete reference work, this book offers technical information that meets the needs of all photographers - from advanced amateurs to full-time pros. With plenty of know-how, the "Kodak Guide to Aerial Photography" will satisfy the curiosity of the non-pilot as well as provide photos tips and techniques useful to even the most experienced aviator.

The "Kodak Guide to Aerial Photography" contains 130 color and black-and-white aerial photographs, five useful Appendixes, a Glossary and an information Resources section. The book is 170 pages long, 8 1/2" by 11", softbound.

Included is advice on:
  • choosing film, formats and equipment
  • visualizing and capturing the image
  • developing your own personal shooting style
  • safety considerations
  • making weather conditions work for you
  • marketing and selling your work
  • aviation principles and regulations
    The price of the "Kodak Guide to Aerial Photography" is $29.95 plus shipping (and sales tax for California residents).

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    table of contents
    chapter introductions
    slide show of sample images
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